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Amélie's Montmartre

Your Local Guide to Amélie’s Montmartre

Nestled in the heart of the 18eme, our guests are footsteps away from many of the sites in Amélie’s Montmartre.

The Café des 2 Moulin (15 Rue Lepic)

Minus the tobacco shop, Amelie’s place of work remains just as it was in the film. Unfortunately boasting none of the eccentric staff in the film, it does however serve up Amelie’s world famous crémé brulée.

Directions Take a right out of the entrance, another right on Rue Veron and its a minute away across the street. Time: 2 minutes.

Amélie's Montmartre. Cafe Deux Moulins

Amélie's Montmartre. Cafe Deux Moulins

Maison Collignon  (56 Rue des Trois Freres)

Known locally as Chez Ali, after its owner, Ali still has the signs from the film on display. Chez Ali was featured heavily in the film and also the location of Amelie’s Montmartre apartment over the store. Today he sells copious amounts of Amelie souvenirs alongside his fruit and veg.

Hostel directions: Take a left out of the entrance and a right on to Rue des Abessess. The second left leads you to Rue Ravignan, at the end of which you will find the store. Time: Less than 5 mins.

Amélie's Montmartre. Grocery

Amélie's Montmartre. Marche

Studio 28 (10 Rue Tholozé)

One of Paris’ oldest picture houses, Studio 28 featured in Amelie’s cinema scene and is one of Montmartre hidden gems. A true Parisian experience, the cinema is also houses a small cafe if you don’t fancy the film on offer.

Hostel directions: take a left our of the entrance and left on to Rue Des Abbesses. Take the first right on to Rue Tholozé and you’re right outside. Time: about 30 seconds.

Amélie's Montmartre. Studio 28

Amélie's Montmartre. Studio 28

Abbesses Station (Place des Abbesses)

Right next to the carousel (which was nicer in the film) is Abbesses station where Amelie assists the blind man. Although the actual station used was Porte des Lilas, the square Place des Abbesses was used throughout the film is recognisable to ardent fans .

Hostel directions: Left out the entrance and right on to Rue des Abbesses until you see the carousel. Time: Maybe 2 minutes, give or take.

Amélie's Montmartre. Abessess

Amélie's Montmartre. Abessess

Le Sacre Cœur

Home to one of the most iconic shots of Amelie’s Montmartre but also the most spectacular views of the Paris. France’s second most visited church , only the Eiffel Tower boasts a higher view of Paris than the one from the dome of the Sacre Cœur.

Hostel directions: Head to Place des Abbesses and keep going and it will appear on your left. Time: Less than 5 minutes.

Amélie's Montmartre.

Amélie's Montmartre. Sacré-coeur