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Stretching from the edge of the city all the way up Montmartre’s hill to the Sacre-Coeur; the 1,304 metres of Rue du Mont-Cenis is home to some of France’s most historic monuments

Historically the street was the route of a pilgrimage from neighbouring Saint Denis to the religious summit. Then known as rue Saint-Denis, after its route, it officially took its current name when Montmartre joined Paris in 1861. Its three flights of picturesque steps leading up to the basilica also make it one of the most photographed streets in the city.

The steep slope of Rue du Mont-Cenis begins at the intersection of rue Saint-Éleuthère and rue Azaïs in upper Montmartre.

Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

At number 2 rue de Mont-Cenis sits what is thought to be Paris’ oldest church, Saint-Pierre de Montmartre. A place of worship said today back to Saint-Denis in the third century, the church was the centre of Montmartre life for centuries.

Chez Patachou.

Number 13: Was once home to the world renowned cabaret, Chez Patachou. One of Paris’ most famous night-spots; in its heyday it played host to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr and birthed one of France’s most celebrated singers, Patachou.
The Mont-Cenis water tower.

#14: The square Mont-Cenis, a small park currently known as Square Claude-Charpentier. Inside sits Montmartre’s majestic water tower.

Famous Residents

#19: From 1934, the French expressionist painter Bernard Lorjou lived here with his wife Yvonne Mottet.

Hector Berliz also lived on Rue du Mont-Cenis.

#22: Was once home to the French romantic composer and writer Hector Berlioz.

#67: Is the site of the ancient Trinity Chapel, built by the treasure of Charles de Bourbon in 1579. It later became a fire house and also a cabaret La Belle Gabrielle, in honour of Gabrielle d’Estrées, who was said to have had a sheepfold on the site.

#143: The French socialist writer Eugène Dabit spent the early years of his life here.

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