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Confused about how to get to the city from the airport on public transport? Not sure how much you should really be paying for a taxi? Once upon a time – not very long ago actually – a taxi driver could (and would) dictate his own price from the airport to and from central Paris. However, since 2016 there are strict tariffs in place for these routes. Here is how much you should be paying from the airport to the city.

First things first, which airport are we talking about? Paris has two principal airports, Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY), and a third, Beauvais (BVA) that a certain low cost airline has paid to say is in Paris -which really is 88km away. A slight exaggeration.

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

CDG is is the largest airport in France and the second largest in Europe. If you’re flying to from outside of Europe, chances are you’re flying to CDG.

Located just 25km north of the city, a taxi from CDG should cost you either 50€ or 55€, depending on where in Paris you’re staying. If you’re staying in the ‘River Gauche’ or Left Bank, most southern part of the city, the fare is 55€. If you’re in ‘Rive Droite’ or Right Bank (like us), you pay 5€ less.

There are still many dishonest, non genuine and genuine taxi drivers who will attempt to charge you from 80€ upwards. If anyone quotes you a higher price, simply move on to the next taxi in line.

From Orly (ORY)

Orly is Paris’s second airport and the busiest for domestic traffic. Closer to Paris than CDG, Orly is only 13km south of Paris and serviced by many public transport routes. However, with at least two changes between shuttle-metro-train-bus, many tourists prefer the simplicity of a taxi.

Previously taxi drivers would include their travel to the airport as part of their price from the airport to the city. However, since the introduction of flat rates, the price for the Left Bank is 30€ and the Right Bank 35€.

Taxi drivers are NOT permitted to charge you extra for taking luggage in the boot or pets in the car. However, an additional charge of 4€ is added to each passenger over 4 in a car.

From Beauvais (BVA)

Located in the sleepy village of Tillé, home to 1,118 citizens, 57 sheep and a post office, BVA is not at all in Paris. Located 53 miles North West of Paris, its official title is Beauvais–Tillé Airport, however Ryanair have licensed it as Paris-Beauvais airport.

How much is a taxi from Beauvais airport to Paris? Take a deep breath.. between 120€ and 160€, with no flat rate option. Most people prefer to take the shuttle bus, which takes an hour and 20 minutes and costs 15.90€.