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Arriving at CDG after a long flight can be a daunting experience. The airport is the largest in France and the second largest in all of Europe. After collecting your baggage you will need to negotiate with either the Parisian transport system, or a taxi. The most common option is to take the train. Here is how you can get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Montmartre by train with no hassle.

The RER B Train

The most common method of transport into the city is to take the RER B train train. Don’t be confused by the ‘RER’; it’s the name for all overground trains in metropolitan Paris and means ‘Regional Express Network in English.

Take the B train from any Terminal to Gare du Nord.

You can find the B train in Terminal 1 and 2. If you’re in Terminal 3, there is a short walk down an outside path to the station at Terminal 1. Just follow the ‘Paris par Train’ or ‘Paris by Train’ signs. There is also a free shuttle train, the CDGVAL which can pick you up and transport you between terminals.

From here you will need to buy a ticket from the airport to Paris. One take will last you the duration of your journey and changes within Paris up to one hour and a half. This will allow you to get all the way to Montmartre. The price of this ticket is currently €10.30 for adults and €7 for children.

Take the B train all the way to Gare Du Nord, which should take around 35 minutes. Gare Du Nord is Paris’s central station and has many connections. From here you will need to know your exact address in Montmartre.

Metro Line 2

The easiest connection to get from Gare du Nord to Montmartre is the blue metro line 2. This will take you to Anvers, Pigalle, Blanche and Place de Clichy three of the main stops for Montmartre, in a few minutes.

Take the Metro Line 2 from La Chapelle (which is connected to Gare du Nord)

Follow the instructions to the Line 2 while you are underground after getting off the B train. There is a tunnel which will lead you to the metro station which is called « La Chapelle ».

The 2 train is will then take you to Montmartre, by way of Anvers (Sacré-Cœur), Pigalle, Blanche (Moulin Rouge) and Place de Clichy in merely minutes. You can then change at Pigalle for the line 12, if you’re staying near Jules Joffrin, Abessess or Lamark-Caulcicourt.

If you’re visiting us here at Plug Inn, you will need to get off at Blanche, walk up the historic Rue Lepic for a few minutes and then find us at 7 Rue Aristide Bruant.

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