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The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and a focal point of any trip to Paris. If you’re going to base your stay in the City of Lights in the charming Montmartre district, an excursion to the Louvre only takes a hassle-free 20 minutes.


The metro line 12 runs straight through Montmartre, stopping at Jules Joffrin, Lamarck – Caulincourt, Abbessess and Pigalle. Whevever you are in Montmartre you are only a 5 minute walk away from a line 12 metro station.

The line 2 runs across the southern part of Montmartre, stopping at Place de Clichy, Blanche, Pigalle and Anvers. Pigalle connects the line 2 with the line 12 and can be reached within less then two minutes from any of these Montmartre stations.

To use the line 12 to get to the Louvre, you will need to take the train south. Heading in the direction of Mairie D’Issy, take the line 12 to the station Concorde. The cost of the trip is one single metro ticket, 1.90€. The journey from Abbesses to Concorde is only 15 minutes and leaves you outside the beautiful Tuileries Garden.

The gardens, which sit between the Louvre and Place Concorde, are a few hundred metres from the entrance of the museum.

If you’d prefer to not walk through the park, you can change at Concorde for the line 1. Take the train two more stops and alight at Palais Royal Musée du Louvre. From here you can enter the museum directly.


If you’d rather avoid public transport, you could take always take a taxi or Uber. The distance between Montmartre and the Louvre is around 5km (3.1 miles) in a car. Depending on traffic, the typical journey time is around 20 minutes. The cost will fluctuate depending on traffic and demand (for Uber).

Other options.

Walking from Montmartre to the Louvre is a very simple southern route. At just over 3km (1.8 miles), it’s around a 40 minute walk through one of the world’s most walkable cities. Alternatively, renting a bicycle for the day will cut that time in half!

If you’re staying with us in Montmartre, Abbesses station is less than 5 minutes from our hostel.

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