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Orly is Paris’ and France’s second largest airport, and the closest airport to the city. However, being in the southern suburbs of Paris, it can take a while to get to Montmartre. However, there is a simple option tram and train option which will keep you within budget. Here is how to get from Orly airport to Montmartre by using the Metro.

Orly currently has no train station at the airport (one is due to open next year), but a tramline, which opened in 2013 contects the airport with the Paris metro by tram. A reasonably recent addition to the airports transport links, the tram is still the least used method of transport from the airport, due to the time it takes.

However, it is easily the most simple and cheapest option to get to the city, costing only €3,80, four times cheaper than the connection to the RER and 10 times cheaper than a taxi.

Finding the Tram

The T7 tram is located in the recently renamed Terminal 4. You can connect to terminal 4 by the Orlyval shuttle, if you arrive at any other terminal. From there you take any one of the staircases in the main lobby, downstairs into the underground lobby. From there you will see directions to the T7 tram in pink.

Follow the path to the outside tram station and buy a ticket for the tram for the machine. A simple ticket is priced at €1,90; however, this will only take you to the metro, so get at least two tickets. If you’re staying for a few days, it will be more cost effective to get a ‘billet’ of ten tickets. This takes the price down to under 1,50€ each.

Take the tram from Aeroport d’Orly to Villejuif Louis Aragon

The train arrives every 6 to 15 minutes from 5:30am to 00:30, except on Sundays the it starts at 6:30am. Take the tram until its final destination, Villejuif Louis Aragon. Make sure to swipe your ticket on the train, as conductors board frequently to dish out on the spot fines. The journey to Villejuif on the tram takes around 30 minutes.

The Metro

Metro Line 7 begins at Villejuif-Louis Aragon and takes about 20 minutes to get into Châtelet in central Paris. To go to Montmartre however, you’d need to stay on the train an extra 15 minutes and get off at Stalingrad to change for the Line 2.

Take the line 7 from Villejuif Louis-Aragon to the Stalingrad and change for the line 2.

Make sure to hold on to your ticket through the changes, as it is valid for the entire journey from Orly Airport to Montmartre by metro. You may well be asked t show it during your journey or when you exit the station.

From Stalingrad the Line 2 will take you into Montmartre in less than 5 minutes; stopping at Anvers, Pigalle, Blanche and Place de Clichy. These are the main port stations for Montmartre. Other Montmartre station can be reached by changing at Pigalle for the line 12.

The line 2 takes you from Stalingrad into Montmartre, bu way of Anvers, Pigalle, Blanche and Place de Clichy.

Our hostel is situated less than 5 minutes away from the Blanche metro station.