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You’ve probably seen people riding them or one sitting randomly in the middle of a street, but how do you use what the French call the « trottinette »?. The first thing to know is there are many companies operating electric scooters in Paris; all have different prices and one even requires a driving license.

There are ten companies who currently operate electric scooters in Paris:

  • Lime
  • Bird
  • Bolt
  • Wind
  • Tier
  • Flash
  • Hive
  • Voi
  • Dott
  • Jump

Yes, if you say all of their name’s one after the other you will probably summon Captain Planet, but lucky for you, you only need one.

The 3.25€ for 30 Minute Model

Lime is an American company the most established scooter service in Paris. To use a Lime scooter you will need to download the application and make a minimum of a 10€ deposit. A 15 minute ride will set you back 3.25€ and half an hour will cost 5.50€. Every minute after that will be another 15 cents. When you’re finished, just park your scooter somewhere it doesn’t block people and finish the journey on the app.

If you’re a youngster, you’ll have to make do with a meagre 24km/h, however if you’re a fully grown adult you can go whopping 50 km/h. This if course, is on the road. If you do that along the pedestrian sidewalk you will be fined, and shouted at by at least 14 French people.

Bird’s electric scooter is a lighter version, which requires a driving license and a minimum age of 18 to use. After that, it’s the same price as Lime, with the speed limit restricted to a brisk 24 km/h. Bolt, partnered with taxi company, again practise the same tariffs as the other, but can be reserved up to three minutes in advance using its application.

The 1€ for 20 Minute Scooter

Wind is not yet up and running in all of Paris’ 20 arrondissements, but it is cheaper than its competition, with a fee of 1€ for 20 minutes and then 15 cents for each additional minute.However, if you make the mistake of drifting outside of the area that it covers, you will be immediately be hit with a 100€ charge. Probably best to run like the wind to one of the other companies, like Tier, who’s tariffs are the same.

Another company who sticks to the 1€/20 minute price tag is Flash, who have around 500 of their scooters scattered around town. Hive follow suit for price, but have twice the amount of scooters, so are probably easier to find.

The 15 cents a Minute Brands

Voi is a brand new scooter service, which mostly follows suit with the rest; you need to download the app, make an account, scan the code and pay 1€ to get it up and running. However, that one doesn’t last you 20 minutes, you will simply pay 15 cents per minute.

Voi also pays you for picking up and charing their scooters when they’re dead. If you’ve got that type of free time, you’ve probably been in Paris too long. Dott also practice the 15 cents a minute after an initial 1€ ‘unblocking’ charge and peaks at a zippy 20 km’h.

The Uber Scooter

Available directly from the Uber app, Jump are Uber’s introduction to the Parisien scooter market. After vexing taxi drivers across the city with their economical rates; Uber offers two options to us its electric scooters in Paris. Either pay 1€ and then 15 cents for each minute or pay 2.50€ for 10 minutes or 5.50€ for half an hour.

Which one will you use? Make sure you book with us for your stay in Paris and drive your trottinette around picturesque Montmartre.