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The modern day Boule Noire.

Situated in the heart of the historic community of Pigalle; La Boule Noire and La Cigale have been at the heart of the district for almost 200 years.

La Boule Noire

Established back in 1822, the original Boule Noire was one of Montmartre’s myriad of nightspots. A home to poetry recitals, theatrical performances or just a good old dance; its name was came from an illuminated glass ball, which became black with time and dirt, hence, la boule noire.

In 1887, La Boule Noire became a full time ballroom, taking the name La Cigale. However, the name of the the Boule Noire would endure, serving as the new name for a bar within the same building. Today this version of la Boule Noire is a thriving music venue for the 200 people it can fit on its modest floor. Despite its size, it continues to host a who’s who of famous bands including the Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Manu Chao and even Metallica.

La Cigale

La Cigale.

Opening its doors in 1887, La Cigale quickly shifted from entertaining concerts and became a home to live comedy. In 1894 it was remodelled and enlarged, with new ceiling paintings added to the decor. Consequently returning to its musical roots, featuring performances by Mistinguett,  Yvonne PrintempsArlettyRaimu,Maurice Chevalier, and Max Linder.

In 1920 the hall briefly became a venue for Vaudeville, before closing its doors in 1927. The building would go on to become a cinema in 1940, specialising in Kung-Fu films and later X-rated movies, before returning to its roots in the 1980s.

After the hall was declared a historic monument, it returned as theatre in 1987. Modernised and redecorated, the new Cigale was reopened by Les Rita Mitsouko, the first of many legendary artists who would grace its stage. The venue soon became a staple of Paris’ musical scene with a host of great acts adding it to their tours schedule. Johnny Hallyday, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Led Zeppelin have all played La Cigale. Today, it hosts up and coming artists and major established performers alike and is Montmartre’s premier music venue.

Our guests can reach the two venues at 120 boulevard de Rochechouart easily on foot from the hostel. Book with us now and discover Montmartre on your doorstep!