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Louise Michel was one of France’s most renowned anarchists. A influential figure in the Paris Commune, she is one of the most influential French political figures of the 19th century. A founder of anarcha-feminism and champion of working class causes; Louise Michael spent much of her life teaching and preparing for revolution, in Montmartre.

Born in 1830, Louise Michel came to in Paris in 1856. Setting up home in the nearby 17th arrondissement at 88 Boulevard des Batignolles, she later assumed her first teaching position at 4 rue du Château d’eau.

Later, in 1865, after her mother had sold some of her fields to raise money for her daughter; Louise began her life in Montmartre, purchasing a school at 5 rue des Cloÿs. The school was known for its progressive teaching methods, in line with Louise’s inspiration, Victor Hugo.

Louise left rue des Cloÿs in 1868 to open a class for 60 students at 24 rue Oudot (today named rue Championnet) and became President of the 18th century Vigilance Committee at 41 Rue de Clignancourt, where she met her future comrade, Théo Ferré, who lived in the same building.

Louise Michel and Théo Ferré both also participated in a Blanquist club, at St-Bernard Church on rue Affre, in preparation for the Commune.

A map of Louise Michael’s Montmartre.

The Commune

On the morning of Match 18th 1871, Louise Michel and the 61st Battalion of the National Guard sounded the alarm in Montmartre and instigated the Paris uprising. For her part in the Commune, Louise was consequently sentenced to penal transportation and sent to New Caledonia.

The participants in the Commune were granted amnesty in 1880. Louise then returned to France and once again, to Montmartre. Settling at 45 Boulevard Ornan, she would begin a new life as a speaker and novelist. Her history in the village would extend throughout her life. Later, in 1895, she participated in the creation of Le Libertaite. Louise co-founded the anarchist newspaper, with branches in New York, Brussels and Algiers, at 15 rue d’Orsel. It subsequently exists spiritually as Le Monde libertaire.

Louise would eventually relocate to the Marseille but her legacy remains in Montmartre. In 2004, the park in front of the Sacre-Coeur that was later named Square Louise Michel in her honour.

Our hostel is located in the heart of the district where Louise Michel taught and plotted. You can easily reach the locations of all of her former schools, homes and associations from our property.

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