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Born in Egypt to Italian parents, Dalida became a worldwide star when she moved to Paris. Transforming her modelling career into singing, Dalida subsequently began a 31-year singing career in France in 1954. She would go on to sell over 170 million albums worldwide in 10 languages and became the inspiration for the Platinum album award. Today, Dalida is the most consecrated artist in the history of France and considered only second to Charles de Gaulle for her impact on French society. During her time in Paris, she lived mostly in Montmartre.

Place Dalida

Situated on the corner of Rue Girardon and Rue de l’Abreuvoir, the square is one the most picturesque in Montmartre. On December 5th 1986, the Paris City Council remanned the square Place Dalida. One year later, on the 10 year anniversary of her passing, a bronze bust of Dalida was installed. She became only the third woman in France to receive a statue, after Joan of Arc and Sarah Bernhardt. Dalida fans from across the world visit the square to pay their respects to the singer and the area she loved.

Place Dalida is only 500 metres away from our hostel.

Dalida’s Montmartre House

Dalida moved into the luxurious mansion at 11B Rue d’Orchampt in 1962 and would live there for the rest of her life. The building has since been divided up into apartments, with spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower. The last one on the market was a duplex on sale for €2.3m. Outside of the house there is a plaque that reads « Dalida lived in this house from 1962-1987, her Montmartre friends will never forget her ».

You can find the house just off of Rue Lepic and is just a 5 minute walk for our guests.

Dalida’s Tomb

Dalida is buried alongside Degas and Zola in the Montmartre cemetery. Her tomb is in the 18th division of the grand cemetery and remains in immaculate condition. The grave is just under the bridge of Rue Caulaincourt, next to the main entrance.

For guests, take a left outside of the hostel and you will find the tomb after a 2 minute walk.

If you’re a fan of Dalida and want to visit the memorials, why not book a room at our hostel?