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Clothing rack at a second hand store. Shot indoors with a fast 50mm lens.

Known mostly for its bohemian history, contemporary Montmartre is also a diverse shopping area. With boutiques ranging from the high-end to homemade, there is also a diverse collection of thrift shops, for the bargain hunter in you.

Chinemachine )

With a broad ranging of clothing, from high street to designer, Chinemachine is a treasure trove for vintage clothing shoppers. Boasting affordable iconic pieces from all eras, their store on 100 Rue des Marytrs also has an online shop.

By Flowers

Only a few steps away from Chinemachine at 86 Rue des Martyrs, By Flowers is a curated cavern of clothes and accessories. Although small in size, By Flowers houses an Aladdins cave of vintage gems, at prices to suit all budgets.

Recto Verso

Recto Verso has two shops in Montmartre, one on 10 Rue Ravignan and one right next to the Sacre-Coeur at 15 Rue Yvonne le Tac. Specialising in vintage womenswear, with a focus on dresses, both of its locations are must visit for a classic summer piece.


Another shop with multiple locations in the area is Guerrisol. On the other end of the thrift store spectrum, Guerrisol is a non-curated cornupioa of secondhand clothes and shoes. While you won’t find many designer pieces here, the price tags more than make up for the digging. With asiles upon aisles of clothes at their 8 Montmartre stores, you too can find yourself a leather jacket for the price of a sandwich.


Like Guerrisol, Sympa requires a little digging – literally. Sympa sells everything from high-end to high street, all thrown together in a basket. More of a free-for-all than a store, you will find dozens of people sifting through one if its many baskets for 2 euro bargains. While not exactly second hand, there’s a chance the clothes will have been touched by at least 57 hands before a sale has been made. Inside however, it’s a more orderly affair, with last seasons offerings being sold for a fraction of the price. With multiple outlets around the corner of rue Steinkerque and Boulevard de Rochechouart, you’re sure to find a bargain somewhere!

All of the above shops are a few minutes walk from our hostel’s location. Book with us now and discover Montmartre on your doorstep!