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View of Montmartre with Windmills1886

Vincent Van Gogh spent two years living in Paris, from 1886-1888. The majority of that time was spent living with his art dealer brother Theo in Montmartre. As Montmartre edged on the periphery of Paris, the countryside consequently bestowed an opportunity to paint the area’s city and rural settings.

Van Gogh and his brother lived at 54 Rue Lepic. It was here he painted ‘The View from Vincent’s Room’ and another skyline in 1887. The bustling Boulevard de Clichy, at the bottom of Rue Lepic, was where Vincent spent much of his social time. Aside from the Moulin Rouge, the Boulevard was home to Vincents favourite cafe, le Cafe du Tambourin (number 62). In this cafe Vincent famously painted its owner, Agostina Segatori, who he was in a relationship with. He also received training in the studio of Fernand Cormon on Boulevard de Clichy and painted the street into history from the Place Blanche.

Place Blanche, Boulevard de Clichy 1887.

Montmartre Scenes

In his first year in Paris, Vincent painted much of the Montmartre countryside, including many of the areas windmills. The Moulin de La Gallete was a feature in many of these landscape paintings. Before the Sacré-Cœur was built, Rue Lepic sat on the edge of the French countryside, which was soon to disappear. Van Gogh encapsulated the unique ambience of the are, contrasting its busy street scenes and serene landscapes.

Vegetable Gardens in Montmartre: La Butte Montmartre

Van Gogh’s Montmartre series are famed for his growth as an artist. However, he also captured Montmartre’s juxtaposition of lively cafe culture and peaceful countryside. Although Montmartre had had only recently been annexed into Paris in 1860; his ‘View of Paris from Montmartre’ is much the same today from the top of the famous hill as it was in 1887.

View of Paris from Montmartre

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