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The RoissyBus at Opera

Whether it be due to disability access or simply not fancying the metro, the bus is a convenient option to getting to and from CDG airport and the city. If you’re staying in Montmartre, there is a simple bus option to get you to CDG on time.

The main bus linking Paris to the airports is the RoissyBus which runs everyday from 5.15am to 00.30am from outside the Opera Garnier.

However, from Montmartre, if you’re not taking the metro to taxi, you will first need to take the 68 bus.

Line 68 Bus

The Line 68

The 68 runs from Blanche, just in front of the Moulin Rouge. As Blanche is the beginning of the route, every 68 that passes will take you in the right direction. Heading south from Blanche, Opera is 8 stops in an approximately 10 minute journey. The bus costs the price of a normal one may bus/metro ticket, 1.90€.

When you get off of the bus at Opera, the CDG bus stop is at 1 Rue Scribe, a mere 240m away.


Roissybus route to CDG

The RoissyBus departs from Opera every 15-20 minutes. The journey to CDG takes between 60-75 minutes and costs 13.20€. You can buy tickets in advance at metro sales machines or aboard the bus. However, credit and debit cards can not be used on the bus, only cash.

If you already have a Naivgo pass for zones 1-5, you can use this a means of travel on the RoissyBus on weekends and holidays.

Estimated Travel Time

All in from Montmartre to CDG airport, using only buses, will take you a minimum of 1hr 10mins, potentially more during peak traffic hours.

Our guests are merely a few minutes away from Blanche in Montmartre, where you can catch the bus 68 to get you to CDG.

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