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rue Foyatier

A daily obstacle for locals making their way home, Montmartre’s picturesque staircases are a focal point of the area. In total there are 38 staircases surrounding the hill. Crossing streets and even comprising streets themselves, the staircases of Montmartre have come to characterise the village’s charm.

Featured in films, from Amelie to Midnight in Paris, the scenic steps are not only great photo shots, but also boast some of the best views of Paris.

Here are the Montmartre staircases you should seek out:

Rue Foyatier

Rue Foyatier is not actually street, but one giant set of stairs. One of the most famous streets in Paris, it runs from the bottom of the hill, alongside Park Louise Michel and up to the Sacre-Coeur. Comprising 222 stairs, the 100m staircase is the longest of all Montmartre’s staircases. However, on a winter’s day, it’s probably its most pleasing.

Rue du Mont Cenis

The ancient Rue du Mont Cenis leads from the north of the city all the way up to the Sacre-Coeur. On its ascension it passes through a number of staircases. The most photogenic is between Rue Saint Vincent and rue Cortot. From here you can look down the multiple staircases that cover the 150 year old street.

Square Caulaincourt

The myriad of steps on the quaint Square Caulaincourt are the least congested of Montmartre’s grand staircases. Just behind the cobbled streets of the square, the tree lined stairs are surrounded at the top and bottom by eateries. A perfect spot for holiday photos and a bit of people watching.

The staircases, lit by street lamps and flanked by trees, are spread around the hill. Each offering their own unique image of the once bohemian village and many also a panoramic view of the city of lights.

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