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The lively Enfants-Rouges district is famous for its 17th-century covered market. A labyrinthine space featuring stalls selling fresh flowers, vegetables, and fruit, as well as popular multicultural restaurants for lunch. The HĂŽtel de Tallard is a majestic house designed by Pierre Bullet in the early 18th century, and now houses apartments.

Nearby, the Square du Temple – Elie-Wiesel is an urban oasis with tree-lined gardens and a large pond that attracts a variety of bird species. « Le Petit MarchĂ© du Marais » was born in 1615.

It is housed in a wooden market hall resting on sixteen oak pillars built by Perceval Noblet, the king’s master carpenter.

The market was equipped with a well (there was no running water at the time), butcher’s vices and a slurry pit.

Everyday foodstuffs were stored here.

In 1772, the market was named the « MarchĂ© des Enfants Rouges » (Red Children’s Market) in honor of the local orphans welcomed by Marguerite De Valois.
They were dressed in red clothes, symbolizing Christian charity.
France’s oldest market is still going strong, a real feast for the eyes and taste buds
A must-see market during your visit to Paris

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