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From the 400 Coups to Amelie, Montmartre has a storied history in film. Here are 4 films you might not have realised were also shot in the area.

Midnight in Paris

Deviate director Woody Allen’s ode to Paris, Midnight in Paris is a cinematic tour of the city. Stopping at everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to Monet’s Garden, Chateau de Versailles to Musée Rodin; Owen Wilson’s pretentious affection for the finer side of Parisian life also sees him visit Montmartre. Gill walks down rue du Chevalier de la Barre, past the Sacre Coeur and down to rue Lamarck. Later, during la Belle Epoque, he then passes the real Moulin Rouge (unlike the Moulin Rouge film itself).

The 15:17 to Paris

Clint Eastwood’s true life story of three terrorism preventing Americans may have been set in Rome, but it was actually shot in Paris. To be specific, in our hostel. In 2014, the 4-time Academy award winner overhauled our hostel (and entire street) into a Rome for a day. Giving the place a fresh look of paint and turning the streets restaurants into Italian eateries. If you look closely, one of our neighbours even left their new artwork in place.

Inglorious Bastards

Although largely set in France, most of Inglorious Basterds actually took place in Germany. Shot in the same Berlin studios where Josephs Goebbels recorded his propaganda films for the fuhrer. The famous scenes in the cinema and bar were also produced in this studio. In fact, only one Parisian film scene was shot in Paris – in Montmartre. The bistrot La Resistance, sat on the corner of Rue du Poteau and Rue Championnet, was the location of the scene where Shosanna realises the young soldier is a national here. Tarantino chose the cafe specifically, having seen it in the French film Le Sangue Des Autres.


Set largely in Paris, John Frankenheimeirs’s 1998 crime thriller Ronin, begins in Montmartre. The film opens on Robert De Niro’s character Sam in a Parisian cafe, alongside Jean Reno. Indicated as the Blue Sky in the film, the actual location was actually the L’Escale bar on rue des Trois Frères. Although the bar is no longer there, the trademark stairs next to it still bear the hallmark of the film.

All of these locations are within 5 minutes walk from our hostel. Book with us now and discover Montmartre on your doorstep!