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Montmartre might be best known for its artistic history, cafe-culture and the picturesque scenery, but it’s also home to Paris’ fabric district. Situated in the shadows of the Sacré-Cœur, the Marché Saint-Pierre is a treasure trove of tissues.

Spread across 5 roads surrounding Place St. Pierre (d’Orsel, Charles Nodier, Livingstone, Seveste, Pierre Picard), the market area is somewhat off the beaten tourist track. While sitting just in front of the basilica, it remains a destination for fashion conscious locals and designers alike. With dozens of shops sprawling the five streets, Marché Saint-Pierre is undoubtably Montmartre’s quickest area.

Dominated by the 5-floor Dreyfus , an emporium of classic and modern fabrics, that would take a day to explore. Dreyfus is named after one of the area’s founders, Edmond Dreyfus, who first sold clothes on the corner with Armand Moline. A plethora of fabric stores today surround the store that started it all.

Marché Saint-Pierre’s historic Dreyfus.

Moline’s legacy can still be found in the area, in the shop carrying his name. In Moline’s Mercerie, you can find both original fabrics and an extensive range of buttons, ribbons and laces.

Tissus Reine is one of the areas more upmarket stores, spread over 6 floors. Although not as old as some of the other stores in the area, it is aesthetically vintage, maintaining its aged charm. Reine’s collection contains all of the leading fabric brands under one roof.

Aside from the principal and classic stores, there is myriad of smaller boutiques offering a wide range of fabric. From imported traditional African fabrics to neon coloured fancy dress materials to shops dedicated to sew on patches. Sacrés Coupons boasts an extensive range of wools and leathers, while Tissu Lionel is has thousands of brightly coloured fabrics, satins and lace.

How To Get There?

Marché Saint-Pierre is a mere two minute walk away from the metro station Anvers on Line 2. It is also in very close walking distance to Abbesses on line 12 and Barbès – Rochechouart on line 4. Both the Montmartre bus and the Little trains of Montmartre also pass through the district.

If you’re staying at our hostel the market is a mere 5 minute walk away from our property. Book with us now and you can discover Montmartre on your doorstep!